1430 San Mateo Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Phone: 650.588.0999 • Fax: 650.588.5355
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm

1430 San Mateo Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Phone: 650.588.0999
Fax: 650.588.5355

Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm

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  • My new car was vandalized while on vacation. I was referred to Peninsula Auto Body for my repairs. Okay, my expectations from working with other shops were low. Always had to track the mechanics down to get any information about my car. This is NOT the case with Peninsula Auto Body. We received text updates, phone calls and such personalized service, I was amazed! The text messages gave us percentages of where the car was in being finished. Car came back not only fixed, it cleaner than when I dropped it off! Best experience at an auto body shop EVER. -Heather K., Los Gatos
  • I'm not big on writing reviews but I've been to this place enough (embarrassed to admit this was my 4th) to know how great of a job they do. I bought a brand new car back in 2008 and my first accident was the following year. I took my car here after a friend's recommendation, long story short they left my car as good as new. I've had three other "incidents" since then and every time I've gone in my cars' looked great. I've worked with Doug 3 out of the 4 times and he's all about customer service. He kept me updated on what was happening with my car and with his interactions with my insurance company (I liked that I didn't have to waste too much time talking to 2 people about the same thing). Over all my personal experiences with this place have been great, I feel confident in recommending them without the fear of someone later coming back to me with a horror story! -Johanna S., South San Francisco
  • So, some drunk dude decided to ram a shopping cart into my car and it was time to go visit Doug at Peninsula. I brought the car in on Tues. and it was completed by Friday morning. They had to replace a door skin and repaint. The job was more thorough than I expected and it looks just like new. I have been to Peninsula a few times and have always been well taken care of. One car I brought in came back driving more straight than it did before an accident. I highly recommend Peninsula for any size job needed. They are great people over there. Hopefully I won't need it soon but I'll definitely bring any work to Doug. Great people great service. Thanks again guys. Oh, forgot to add.....they also waxed my whole car so it looked ready for a night on the town right off the lot. -Tim F., South San Francisco
  • I chose this place because it was recommended by my insurance company. I was expecting standard service, but I was gladly surprise with what I found. Doug, he was my contact person, took care of everything for me. I did not have to worry about dealing with the insurance company, or rental car. It was almost like a concierge service! I was very, very satisfied with their customer service. Soon after my car was repaired, my wife had a minor accident and damaged the side mirror of our car, and Doug again came to the rescue. He was very open on what the options where and found the most economical alternative to fix my car. For any future car body issues, I would have no doubt to go back to this place. -Eduardo C., South San Francisco
  • After a nightmare in SF bodyshops, my insurance co had me go here near my work. Love them. Had tons of fender benders in one year and each time took them here. Receptionist is the NICEST human being Ive ever dealt with in my life! Doug always helps me, and when I sold my car, they cleaned up the marks and paint chips for ridiculously cheap. They are awesome! -Renee M., San Francisco
  • Their customer service is really great. the receptionist is really friendly, the representative i had was super nice. he kept me up to date on repairs and let me know what was going on with my car. when i got my car back there was some wax or something on it and he took it back to clean it off. i had to wait another 10 minutes but it showed that he cared i guess. my car was also super clean when i got it back. i also had work done on it a month ago and he said that it was a bit misaligned. I wouldn’t have known but I guess I appreciate knowing?? Not sure...The only thing was that when my car was ready he called my office number instead of my cell phone so I didn’t get the message until the weekend was over. Oh well. Also I realized the CD I had in my player was missing and replaced with another one of my CDs but the CD that I was listening to was gone! Kind of weird. Maybe they liked my mixed tape that much. -Claudia Y., San Francisco
  • 5 stars for service and 5 stars for repair. Was referred here by insurance company, checked on Yelp, felt a little uncertain due to some if the comments but went for it. Soooo glad I did. Let's just say my car was a rack thanks to an idiot and quite dirty (my fault) but when I picked it up I it was back to original and more. Beautiful fix and paint job plus bonus car rental and detail cleaning. Nothing to complain about. Owner Don was in consistent communication with throughout the process and very courteous. Highly recommend!!! Will use in the future, hopefully not for auto accident repair though! -P. T., San Mateo
  • I have had several repairs, on several different automobiles, completed at Peninsula Auto Body since 1986. I had recently been sideswiped and returned to Peninsula Auto for repairs. I had no problem dropping off or picking up my vehicle and as always Peninsula did an outstanding job. I return to Peninsula because there is never a problem with the service, insurance, communication regarding the status of the work being completed. My experiences have been exceptional. Thanks to all of the staff at Peninsula Auto Body. -Steven P., South San Francisco
  • This is my first post to Yelp, but I felt the need to share my positive opinion of Peninsula Auto Body after reading a couple of negative reviews on this site. I have taken my cars to Paul and Doug for over 5 years now and every time the result has been superb! All of the people that I have interacted with have been extremely professional; the facility is well located and immaculate; and there is even an Enterprise rental facility on premises for folks who need to rent a car. I have had work done on my Mercedes Benz, Acura MDX and Toyota Camry and whether the job was big or small, the result was always the same - a beautifully painted car (perfect match every time) that looks better than it did before the damage was done to my vehicles. If you are looking for great quality work from honest, hard working and ethical folks, take your car to Peninsula Auto Body. I have had nothing but success. -Mark K., Hillsborough
  • I had the best experience at Peninsula Auto Body. First, I was all shook up when my accident happened, and I had to call the shop to have my vehicle towed there. The secretary arranged the tow and rental car for me. She was very professional and made me feel calm and asked if I was ok. Then she arranged for the tow truck driver to bring me along to the shop so that I can get my rental at the body shop. Enterprise came and set me up right there and then within a short time. Thereafter, Luis, an Estimator, thoroughly explained the process of the repairs. During that process, Luis called me and kept me informed with a status of my car. In just 5 days, I had my car repaired. One last, but not least point, my car was fully detailed and looked better than it did prior to getting into the accident. Wow! I was so impressed with the overall experience and quality of the workmanship! I give Peninsula Auto Body 5 Stars and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an Auto Body Shop. -Veronica C., South San Francisco
  • Got rear ended on the freeway...luckily only going about 40mph. My insurance also recommended this place and it couldn't have gone smoother. They even got me a free rental car...my insurance didn't cover it. Took about a week to get the car back since there was extensive damage to the back end. The car looks brand new again and spotlessly cleaned when I picked it up. Fully recommended! -Matthew M., San Bruno

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